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Deafoundation Executive Board

Active Projects

Pamper Yourself Day
Active Projects
Handouts and Documentation
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Lisa is coordinating information
Heather is writing family spotlight
Karen is writing community events section

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Angel contacted ODHH about the Deaf Child's Bill of Rights and was informed another agency is working on something similar.  Angel will contact new agency and further explore.

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Bull Roast - Sept. 2007
Columbus Gardens - booked

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Manual for the Mainstream - completed

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Hushhups have been ordered for 2 classrooms.

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Fundraiser - 3/24/07

Pampering Day -

Lisa is working on school for massage.

Wendy and Karen are doing food.

Beth is doing drinks and advertising.

Angel and Heather are working on vendors.

Donation letters are available for distribution.

We need more vendors, massage therapists, donations, and volunteers.



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Lending Library - Angel is still updating the list
ETA completion - August


Videos - still cataloging