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Minutes of Meetings below:

Meeting 10/16/06 - 7pm
Attendance - Lisa Canter, Wendy Furrow, Angel Gasior, Heather Hinegardner, Beth Hoffman, Karen Platt
1.  We reviewed the mission goals in order to keep focus on our projects.
2.  Hush-ups - Wendy is drafting an email to send out to our members to gauge interest or need.  Karen is going to ask MSD if there is a need as well.  Angel will mass email Wendy's message and we will determine follow-up based on responses.
An application process was discussed for determining which classrooms would receive the hush-ups.  No final decision has been made. 
Side note -  I'd like to give a set to Beth's classroom first.  Also, if we order before 10/31 we get a free dozen with our purchase.  I also believe multiple sets will get a further discount. 
3.  HCC certification program - Lisa is going to follow up with Pat Hogan and see if the college will reconsider.  I forgot to mention but, Senator Hooper said he would attend our next meeting with the college if we meet with them again.  Maybe, we should try to set up a meeting with the credit program director through Pat.  Pat Hogan's email is
4.  Roles of the Executive Board will remain the same.
5.  Newsletter - Lisa is going to pull the pieces together and then send on to Angel for editing.  Heather will be spotlighting families and Karen will be listing Community Events.  Due date for submissions to Lisa is 10/23, so that we can mail by the 27th to give everyone a week's notice for the first scrapbooking date.
6.  Karen is also going to coordinate quarterly social events including bowling, swimming lessons, ice skating, picnic, ice cream at Friendly's, and other various ideas.
7.  Pamper Yourself Day
-Price for tickets will $12 because we are including more food choices.
-New set up was discussed.  Massages and seminar will be set up in room 5.  All vendors in the gym.  Food in the Activity room.
-Heather will coordinate vendors.  I am attaching the contract for vendors to this email.
-Lisa is going to coordinate manicurists.  We need to get as many as possible as soon as possible.
-Karen and Wendy are going to coordinate food.
-Our table will include shirts, bags, magnets, chocolate pops, and bracelets.  Lisa is looking into bracelets.  We will also put together a baske to be raffled.
8.  Wendy is going to reconnect with Terry Carmody about scrapbooking.  We have Nov. 3rd, and Jan. 19th from 6:30-9pm. 
9.  Angel will be meeting with Senator Hooper to discuss the Deaf Child's Bill of Rights.  She will wait until after the elections.
10.  Everyone agreed that we need to purchase a laptop and projector for the organization.  Angel will begin researching prices.
11.  Reminder - our next "meeting" will be Dec. 8th.
12.  Karen asked about the Highland's School.  Information was shared the school but nothing has been heard from them since.  Margie Hughes has been coordinating much of our interaction.  Her email address is
Just a note - PLEASE CC: on all emails regarding foundation projects.

Meeting was held at Angel Gasior's house on May 16, 2005 from 7-8pm.
Those in attendance:  Lisa Canter, Wendy Furrow, Heather Hinegardner, Karen Platt, and Angel Gasior
 - The purpose of the Executive Board was discussed.  Everyone agreed that meeting when needed but at least twice a year was appropriate.  Committees will report to the board and make recommendations and then the board will vote yea or nay for proposals.

- The cookout was discussed and various members will ask for donations from local businesses.  RSVP date will be 6/11/05.  The cookout will be from 2-8pm at Flying Point Park on 6/18/05.  Mike Watkins donated the site through the Silent Social group.

- Other ideas for fundraising and social activities were discussed but no decisions were made.

Meeting Minutes - 8/29/05
Wendy Furrow, Heather Hinegardner, Lisa Canter, Karen Platt, and Angel Gasior attended
Update on finances - $1744.58 in checking account
Playgroup - We approved $20 month expenses for crafts and snacks.  Lisa is running playgroup which meets at Mountain Christian Church monthly.  Lisa is still working on getting the dates for the playgroup approved by the church so that Angel can post them.
October Social Event -
Karen is coordinating the Fall Festival to be held at Camp Hidden Valley on 10/29/05 from 1-4pm.  She has 32 bales of hay, a tractor, driver, and has reerved the location which will cost us $100.00. 
  • Karen will try to get pumpkins donated. 
  • Angel is working on getting the supplies together for the scarecrow craft.  
  • Heather will look for a pinata to purchase. 
  • Wendy will make punch.
  • Sodas and other necessities can be purchased closer to the function.

We will have light refreshments donated by families or they can donate $2 to attend.

Karen invited everyone to see the campground this weekend to take a look at the facilities.

December Social Event - Angel is coordinating the Winter Wonderland Gathering on 12/2/05 from 6:30-8:00pm. 

  • Wendy agreed to order and pick up the pizza.
  • Angel is working on crafts and a movie.
  • We are looking into hiring entertainment - clown or magician.

Candle Fundraiser -   Wendy is coordinating the candle fundraiser.  Heather has agreed to help with this project.  She has made initial contact with seller and hopes to set up the sale for the month of October.

Pamper Day Fundraiser - Heather agreed to be coordinator.  Ideas were discussed.  We would like to organize most of the details by the end of September.  Event to be help in March, probably at Mountain Christian Church.

Listserv - Due to lack of usage, we agreed to discontinue it.

PR Coordinator - Karen agreed to take on the job and will coordinate with Angel.

Meeting - Everyone agreed it would be good to purchase a parent training video from AGBell so that we can have an advocacy meeting.  (cost is $50)

  • Angel will rewrite the request for donations and email to Exec. Board members.
  • Angel will also put together a phone book of member information to be given out asap

Next meeting has not yet been scheduled.